I'm Janinka. I'm an organiser.

In the last thirty years I have owned and managed a number of successful small businesses including a thriving restaurant, a busy retail outlet, creating and managing a leisure department for a luxury second-home holiday complex. I've even toured musicians internationally.  In amongst all this I have juggled moving overseas twice, and am raising a teenager, a few goats, alpacas, emus and chickens so I am suitably qualified to help you with whatever practical or logistical challenges you face in your business or home life. Believe me, I have probably faced them all. 

I'm a creative so can find creative solutions to most problems. Whether it be organising procedures for your small business, refurbishing your property, helping you launch an Air BnB or simply diversifying your business. We have an in-house IT partner so can also assist with website and technical start-ups, trouble shooting and expansions into for example, shopify and other online amalgamations.

More recently I have expanded my event management skills into running  workshops and events in the great outdoors and with a more holistic theme which is where my passions (and I believe the future) lie.  'Rewilding' is a bit of a buzz word but there is a lot to reap for taking both your life and your business outside. I have recently organised wellness events in gardens, roaming watercolour days, nature trails, workshops in the wilds and art exhibitions. 


On a local and volunteer level I run Malmesbury Animal Sanctuary CIC where my partner and I look after goats, alpacas, emus and a variety of chickens. We also manage around 25 volunteers to include Duke of Edinburgh students and others needing a volunteer role to fulfil a qualification. 

Some of you may have heard of Malmesbury Live Arts CIC where I offer my time as part of the management team. I also take care of a proportion of the programming and look after the social media and website content.


My theory is if to keep it varied, then you will always be inspired. Why go to three or even four different people when Organised by Ninx can spearhead your next step in life or work. 

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