Why it ‘feels’ good to be organised!

Good organisation underpins good business practice.

Having the right systems, procedures, health and safety practices to name a few.

However unless the communications are well organised then things can become complicated not least the doubling up of work but more so the lack of clarity.

When a few people are working towards the same goal communication is key.

How does a small business manage this?

> Daily meetings?

> Shared server?

> Shared WhatsApp group chat?

> Shared messenger group?

> Dropbox?

These are all great tools and very useful but plans can still go awry.

What is important to affect good communication? Here are a few things for you to consider.

Strong leadership

> Knowing your direction and purpose and communicating this

> Communicating and revisiting your strategies and goals monthly, quarterly and/or bi-annually

> Having boundaries in the workplace ensures respect amongst its workers

> Being approachable for your team

> Transparency

All of these practices contribute towards a healthy culture.


Having a healthy work culture where everything is communicated clearly creates a safe space. A safe space ensures security. This creates positive emotions and maximises the return from your team in a healthy organic way. This in turn creates good organisation and efficiency. This leads to growth.

Get organised to feel good.

Feel good to be organised.

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