Getting Organised with your Air BnB

Updated: Nov 22, 2020

After I set up my organising business I was soon asked to refurbish a two bedroom cottage for an Air BnB project. Delighted, of course, as this is right up my street. I am a creative and hands-on organiser so this project enabled me to tap into the full breadth of my skill set.

Air BnB Refurb

The cottage had a long-term tenant move out so it needed a total freshen up. We gave the whole cottage a once over with a North Pole off white and subtle pale greys. The overhead beams were lightened to a contrasting grey and the kitchen cupboards updated to grey too. Grey is such a great colour and contrasts perfectly against other colours.

Small Budget

We had a very small budget, really only allowing the option for painting materials and labour but it's amazing what a little staging can do. I scoured the owner's home for a few things and grabbed cushions, the carpet pictured, some plants and a chair. I brought some items from home to include paintings, pebbles, an angle-poise lamp and a few other small accessories.

I also up-cycled the mirrors and a small table. We took the kitchen door off which opened the downstairs up and created key statements throughout so guests could lean into their cosy environment. The areas re now cleary defined and inviting.

Staging with clarity and finesse whilst celebrating the property's key features is vital. If you would like to refurbish an Air BnB, are undertaking a home renovation or are selling a property then I can help.

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