Small Business Marketing - Case Study

Over the last few months we have been supporting a small business in Somerset.

It's an event balloon business and even though we're in the midst of a pandemic the owner has bravely ploughed on offering deliveries of balloons in her local area.

This business faces competition from outlets such as Card Factory and Morrison's but unlike the giants a small business can adapt and reach out to the local community in a creative and cost effective way.

Over the course of January we worked on a short campaign together. The angle was to bridge the blues into February with a two-week Facebook campaign. We started off with a flash sale which generated no business but gave us an organic reach of 3,500 views. We then continued with a ten-day promotion of a free balloon each day. The balloon was posted to the Facebook page in the morning and shared across three local groups daily. The winner was selected each evening at 6pm. Doing this over ten days meant that the campaign could gain momentum and the posts were very soon averaging a reach of 1,000 views per day. All for free.

The stats for January made for a very interesting read:

> Reach was up to 5.6k (an increase of 366%)

> Post engagement was 826 (an increase of 526%)

> 15 new page likes (an increase of 1.4k%)

The business also had quite a few sales trickle in, one great Facebook review as well as a radio interview!! Not to mention the goodwill and increased reputation.

This campaign cost the business about £1.50 per day. A total of £15.00

The moral of this story for small business is:

> Tap into your community

> One offs rarely work. Build a campaign over time

> Offer something for free (low cost to you)

Short bursts of marketing like this do a small business the world of good, it gives you the edge of the giants and shows you in a great light. The success is in being small.

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